Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dark Road

I created this movie on my iMac using iMovie.  All images and video clips were purchased through iStock for noncommercial use.  Music purchased through iTunes.  Not for resale or profit.
I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Life

Standing at the
of the steps
so wide,
feeling the wind
blow around me.
I can sense there's
moving quickly now
towards me-
towards the sky.
Take my hand
and please don't let
me go.
You're the only
one I truly know.
You're the reason
that I made
it here alive and
We've only got
so much time left
to go, so let's go

Your love released me from the stone

It's a journey
we have longed to
We'll reach the summit
before the morning breaks.
Kiss me and tell
what I need to 
My eyes will
answer all your 
and fill
that hollow
in your soul.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Love Starved

she was sinister
her heart a black stone
motivated by
greed and power and fame
but the magazines and
movie screens
hailed her beauty
and her visible bones
as perfection in female form.
Show us your ribs
and every link of your spine
then you'll be the woman
every man will desire
but until we see bones
you will grow older,
forgotten, alone.
No one cares about the
depth of your soul
(or your heart)
We truly do not care
if you're kind, honest, and smart.
You need to be young
and we need to see
So the little girls
run in the cold of night
starving for love
so often denied because
the message they hear
so loud and so clear:
We Measure Your Worth
By The Bones We See, Dear.
The skeleton girls on the
runway sigh,
once you hit 30 you
might as well die.
(Nothing can tempt me, not even mom's apple pie.)