Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Rain

You pull me in to
your tender place,
shelter and warmth
(your heart is a blanket)
embracing me with
arms and words
that soothe my soul
my friend
my lover
my dreamer
my muse
soft in the light
you reveal me with
your truth
your hope
your trust
your grace
and selfless love.
Lost in the safety
of our bond,
passion fueled
you heal me
and I, you.
Like summer rain,
summer rain,

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Fairytale

It is the luscious
of incense that seduces
then disappears in
curls and wisps
as I draw near,
lingering scent
of bitter herbs.

It is the perfect
crisp and fragrant,
sweetness imagined
until the first taste
turns bitter,
ruined on my
hunger denied.

It is the beckoning
that fills the sails
with thrilling rush
then dies when
my fragile ship
rocks treacherously
far from shore,

It is a symphony of
drawing me closer
and deeper in to
a sanctuary of
hope, only to 
trap me in a
cold and 
empty lair,

The knights have all perished
but the dragons,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30,000 Feet

Patchwork fields
beneath feather clouds stretch
and fade to the edge of
the earth.

She sits beside me
and drinks too much
too fast and talks of
love and loss and
the pain of life.
Her eyes blind to beauty,
Life is Cruel
branded on her soul
she swallows hard and
fills the hole in her
heart with bitter
regret and vodka

I listen and nod and
think about the families
far below.

Hold on to your love.
Hold on to your love.

I look in her eyes
and wonder if she is a prophet
or a messenger
of truth and doom -
a lifetime of seeking but
never finding -
of giving, never to receive.

The horizon fades
in pink and blue ribbons
of light and the Cascades
appear through the
clouds in snow-covered
pyramids, glistening.

Hold on.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Unmarked Trail

I sit beside you
on the stone,
feet hanging
off the edge
heart pounding
in my ears,
the forest behind in
stillness watching.
Mountains surround us
in lush, green, wetness.
The earth smells damp
and fresh and old.
Moss on the trees
and the rocks
in soft patchwork
Far below the river
rushes like my heart
wanting to tell you
what I cannot say,
even in whisper.
You turn and smile
and I die a little.

so much beauty
so much pain

We watch the
eagle circle above,
writing a story
across the sky,
as it begins to rain
in the cave of my soul,
drenching the flames
of courage,
feeding the flames
of desire.

Are we lost?
I am.