Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30,000 Feet

Patchwork fields
beneath feather clouds stretch
and fade to the edge of
the earth.

She sits beside me
and drinks too much
too fast and talks of
love and loss and
the pain of life.
Her eyes blind to beauty,
Life is Cruel
branded on her soul
she swallows hard and
fills the hole in her
heart with bitter
regret and vodka

I listen and nod and
think about the families
far below.

Hold on to your love.
Hold on to your love.

I look in her eyes
and wonder if she is a prophet
or a messenger
of truth and doom -
a lifetime of seeking but
never finding -
of giving, never to receive.

The horizon fades
in pink and blue ribbons
of light and the Cascades
appear through the
clouds in snow-covered
pyramids, glistening.

Hold on.


Nick said...

I think your work is wonderful. God bless you, Nick van Heeren, Fort Erie, ON, canada

W.M. Turner said...

Hi Nick, thanks for reading!

jon puga said...

Beautiful.Words have a lot of power.Thank you for sharing these greats poems.

Curious George said...

I had not been on your site for a bit and so had some catching up to do..a joy, of course.
But what struck me is how soothing I found the visual pattern of your words, each line like a ledge I could grasp as I made my way down. It was quite a pleasure. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful work.