Thursday, July 01, 2010

Unmarked Trail

I sit beside you
on the stone,
feet hanging
off the edge
heart pounding
in my ears,
the forest behind in
stillness watching.
Mountains surround us
in lush, green, wetness.
The earth smells damp
and fresh and old.
Moss on the trees
and the rocks
in soft patchwork
Far below the river
rushes like my heart
wanting to tell you
what I cannot say,
even in whisper.
You turn and smile
and I die a little.

so much beauty
so much pain

We watch the
eagle circle above,
writing a story
across the sky,
as it begins to rain
in the cave of my soul,
drenching the flames
of courage,
feeding the flames
of desire.

Are we lost?
I am.


D. Winters said...

I could almost smell the wet leaves. Beautifully done.

Maggie May said...

i think we are all lost, and found, all at once.

you are a beautiful soul.

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W.M. Turner said...

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