Friday, June 26, 2009

girl vs. God: part two

girl: ah, I see you're here again. Don't you have more critical things to concern yourself with than an ordinary girl like me? What about Iran and North Korea? See what happens when you get distracted?

God: (chuckles) One of the many great things about being God, is being able to multi-task very well. Although I prefer the term "omnipresence" over "multi-tasking." I do not consider anything I do a "task."

girl: That's a relief. What can I do for you today God?

God: Believe.

girl: Believe? The future of Apple computers? UFOs? What?

God: Just believe.

girl: Actually, that June 8th incident has made me believe in magic.

God: Call it what you want.

girl: You know, it might be easier to have a serious discussion with you, if you didn't look like George Clooney. It's kinda distracting.

God: How's this?

girl: Al Pacino, the Godfather. You're pretty funny God. I never knew you had a sense of humor.

God: Seriously? Have you looked at a giraffe lately?

girl: Good point.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blue Moon

Moon in the sky
on the black slate of night
Round and full
the thin clouds
whisper in silver
Far below the shadows
of great mountains
in silhouette
anchor the earth
with jagged peaks
Wrapped in a blanket of stars
I lift my face and
feel the heavens
beckoning me to you

Thursday, June 04, 2009

girl vs. God: part one

girl: Where am I?

God: You're dreaming.

girl: Who are you?

God: I'm God.

girl: Then I MUST be dreaming, because I don't believe in You.

God: You believed in me last week.

girl: I changed my mind.

God: Why?

girl: If you're God, then you shouldn't have to ask me that question.

God: True. Maybe I just wanted you to think about the answer.

girl: Oh, I've thought about it.

God: And...?

girl: I'm on the fence.

God: The jury is still out?

girl: Yes, and may not come back.

God: What can I do to convince you? I answered a few of your requests lately.

girl: Those could easily have been coincidence. It would be nice if you would give the world a sign.

God: I give signs every day.

girl: Not subtle signs that could be questioned, I mean international news-making signs.

God: That's not my style.

girl: So your style is showing up in my dream, looking like George Clooney?

God: Morgan Freeman had already been done.

girl: I do like George.

God: I know.