Thursday, June 04, 2009

girl vs. God: part one

girl: Where am I?

God: You're dreaming.

girl: Who are you?

God: I'm God.

girl: Then I MUST be dreaming, because I don't believe in You.

God: You believed in me last week.

girl: I changed my mind.

God: Why?

girl: If you're God, then you shouldn't have to ask me that question.

God: True. Maybe I just wanted you to think about the answer.

girl: Oh, I've thought about it.

God: And...?

girl: I'm on the fence.

God: The jury is still out?

girl: Yes, and may not come back.

God: What can I do to convince you? I answered a few of your requests lately.

girl: Those could easily have been coincidence. It would be nice if you would give the world a sign.

God: I give signs every day.

girl: Not subtle signs that could be questioned, I mean international news-making signs.

God: That's not my style.

girl: So your style is showing up in my dream, looking like George Clooney?

God: Morgan Freeman had already been done.

girl: I do like George.

God: I know.

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