Monday, July 21, 2008

Dating 101 in 2008

Ok, so after months of prodding and pushing and coaching, my therapist has convinced me to try online dating - seriously. So, I recently signed up for a and eHarmony account. I'm a little embarrassed admitting to this - but honestly - I've come to the conclusion that this is the way people meet each other in this day and age (gawd, I just sounded like a senior citizen).

For the past 23 years of my life, I've been someones wife and/or mother, so it has been a LONG time since I have found myself single and available for dating. (I find this thought terrifying). Back in college, in my dating hay day, you met people at discos and bars (I'm laughing at the absurdity of this - although it's true). I suppose I could meet someone by chance at an airport, or coffee shop, or hit him with my car, but in this new world of technology, romance is now found online. Everyone is doing it. I am a sceptic, but we'll see.

Anyway, part of my "assignment" before my next counseling session, is to come back with a list of qualities I would seek in the "perfect man" for me. I thought it would be fun to invite my blog readers to give me some help here, and make some suggestions. What do you think? Especially if you know me, let's hear it!
Note to pervy friends: keep it clean!


Anonymous said...

#1. The undeniable Faith to believe in you . . . . like we do.


Anonymous said...

He has to make you laugh, tell the truth, clean up his own mess and clean up yours every now and then, love to travel as much as you do, have patience, enjoy yardwork and the outdoors, be kind to children, animals and strangers, have understanding of your beliefs while sharing his own.

Sonya said...

He needs to make enough money so that you can quit that job that's about to kill you.

Vulcan Bessemer said...

Now, who is Mr. Right for you? He needs to be irreverent and slightly subversive to hold your interest for long. He would love the arts, be keen to travel, and relish learning of exotic cultures. He would be intelligent and educated, and definately be left-of-center in his political views. He will be resilient and strong enough for you to lean on, but warm and approachable for you to hug in the tender moments. So, get out there and find him. Oh yes - and funny!

Donna said...

I would be remiss if I did not leave a comment, since I have known you since the early 80's. Have a seat, this could take a while. :)

He must be in good shape, care about his appearance and have great skin and teeth as I know how you are about skin and teeth.

He should be tall enough that you can wear your heels without towering over him.

He should be healthy.

He should not use any form of tobacco, drugs, or drink in excess.

He should have good grooming and hygiene.

He should enjoy a great variety of foods and love fruits and vegetables like you do.

He should refrain from making disgusting man-noises in your presense, if at all possible.

He should not adjust his package in public.

He should never tell embarassing stories about you, just to get a laugh.

He should not use flamboyant hand gestures as this makes your gay-dar go off and move him in to the "friend zone" immediately.

He should be a gentleman in a strong, quiet way.

He should help around the house without having to be asked. He should not be a clutter monkey or pack rat (I KNOW how you hate THAT!!)

He should be romantic, thoughtful and generous and by you gifts for no reason.

He should be successful in his career, financially secure and responsible.

He should be at a point in his life where you are his NUMBER ONE priority - not 2nd or 3rd behind his kids and job.

He HAS to love travel and be well-traveled.

He has to be very intelligent, or you will get bored.

He has to always make you feel beautiful, even when you're not.

He has to be a shelter, not a "fixer" when you need to rage.

He should care about the environment and be politically and socially open-minded.

He should never try to tickle you.

He should not be stuck in the past when it comes to his clothes, no matter how comfortable he thinks they are - and he should be very aware of his shoes, since you pay close attention to that. If he's still wearing stuff from the 80's and 90's, it will never work.

He should not be able to take his eyes off of you at parties.

He should not be corny, ever.

He should be a little mysterious.

...... ok enough for now. More later!

Donna said...

One more thing....


Bryan said...

Your relationship should be mutually inspiring. If the person you're with does not inspire you, you're with the wrong person.

Patty said...

Having separate bathrooms is the key to successful long-term relationships. The romance dies the first time you see him sitting on the toilet. You don't want that image in your head when he's trying to make out with you. Not sexy.

Anonymous said...

I wish for you a man who values what you value
who understands life the way you do
who writes poems for you
who loves to laugh
who loves to dance
who loves to love
who is open in his displays of affection
who knows himself and cares about himself
whose curiosity about you is endless
whose appreciation for you is endless
whose interest in your happiness is endless
who knows how to relax
whose living is less important than his life
who sings to you
who plays with you
who explores with you
who loves science fiction
who loves art, and admires beauty
who finds time
who is practiced as a human being, not just human doing
who is politically awake, not left or right
who is intellectually curious, not too decided
who is irreverent
who finds God everywhere and nowhere
who wants to hold and be held and touch and be touched as often as possible

Tracy said...

Since you said to "keep it clean"....You need a man who has skills and has the energy to keep up with you. And think you know what I mean.

Leslie said...

I hope whomever he is, he realizes what a complete prize you are, and how lucky he is to have your love.