Saturday, February 20, 2010


it grows
like the fledgling spout
shivers on the scorched floor of the forest
after the great and savage fire
it soars
like the bird escaped
from its gilded cage a prisoner
long held captive and forgotten
it dreams
like the child asleep
sweetly in her mother's arms a haven
from fate's melancholy injuries
it shines
like the first full moon
brightly on the winter snow unblemished
by destiny's misguided course


Karen said...

I like this alot. Love changes everything, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

ahhhhh, yes....a poem of love and hope. So sweet and so welcome. Thanks!

Jacky Cheng said...

you know, this reminds me of when people said that, after the atom bomb was dropped on hiroshima, nothing would grow for years to come. that very next spring, against all odds, spouts came out of the forsaken soil.

this was a wonderful poem! you certainly have a great deal of talent. keep on writing!