Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Dream

You dance in the meadow
of my heart
where the Aspens shimmer in
a perfect breeze and
the mountains wake from
their long winter sleep
in the silence of
my deepest, secret dreams.

I meet you there
underneath the alpine sky
fingers like jasmine, intertwine
we dance together
lost in perfection
while the summer lightening
truth and music
in the echo of
stillness that is
infinite as the universe.

Here, time finds no reason to
divide us
where the Columbine grows
in purple ribbons along
the folds of rock
and the wind carries
a melody only we can hear.

No longer lost
here, I am home.


Anonymous said...

"No longer lost
here, I am home."

I love that line. It really brings this whole piece together in really powerful way.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you leave me breathless.

Hilton said...

So beautiful, the melody and beauty in your poetry.......................
Monday night I listened to a lady who son ended his life, she found healing and courage in the Our Father, it was along journey but she is now at peace......