Sunday, September 05, 2010


will you remember me in
the dark blanket of stars?
i cast my heart to the heavens
and whispered prayers
in a language i did not speak
but understood with
infinite measure
your ghost and my ghost
followed and led
leaving footprints in 
the soft earth like a child
from a devil in a
will you remember me in
the quiet moments of the night?
when you wake to the 
pounding of your heart
 (that dream of black birds on grey sky)
the universe divides us
and the stars pour through your
fingers like sand
there is grief in the darkness
a sentence unfinished
my ghost stands in the
corner of your bedroom
sadly watching
still longing as
the new moon bathes you in
blue light and shadows

From my journal: December 2006


Unknown said...

wow!!! i love everything about this!! just perfectly written!!

Jack said...

I know this scene, these emotions all too well. Beautifully written Mystery Girl.

I celebrate,
Your memory,
But often I wonder,
If you remember me.

W.M. Turner said...

@Shell, thank you for reading =)

@Steppenwolf, I appreciate your writing very much. Perhaps only fellow poets can understand the dark caves of the soul, or perhaps it is our need to understand that makes us write.

Take good care.