Friday, October 15, 2010

Dream Walker

I do not scheme to walk in your dreams.
I fly to the edge of the universe. I run faraway.
I sink in the ocean.
But my eyes open and here I am, awake inside your sleeping mind.
You must have conjured me because I would never haunt you. I promised.
Inside your dreams, your heart betrays you while your ego rests,
secretly calling my spirit to come to you with its 
magic unharnessed, set free by mysterious truth.
Here, you kiss me long and deep like a man who has crawled across
the desert and finds cool water. You gulp me down with a feverish thirst,
drinking me in haste, lest your sentinels discover and end the dream.
I feel the intensity of your sadness and desire to hold me here forever,
hiding from the intelligence that gives you so many reasons not to hold me.

Inside your sleeping mind, 
we are moonlit lovers.

1 comment:

Jack said...

Sweet dreams Itsa, of tenderness and longing. Sweet dreams of fulfilment and passion. Bittersweet awakenings of solace and loss. A beautiful poem.