Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World's End

will you hold my hand
when it all comes
crashing down
when the world ends
when the mind bends
will you fall with me
sink like a stone
tell me you love me
take me to the quiet
take me to the night
will I feel you there
when the world ends
will you look in my eyes
will you smile
will we cry
when the world ends
will you hold my hand
tell me you love me
tell me goodbye
then nothing else matters
just hold my hand
when the world ends


jadedchalice said...

you are so much stronger than I am.

And your poetry is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Actually I wish somebody to hold my hands before the world ends !!!

Unknown said...

Could you post more?
I just love your work.
I'm eager..
Your blog is being static for a while..
Could I know what really is happening?

W.M. Turner said...

Hi Sajith,
Life has a way of interrupting the creative process sometimes...and sometimes, that is a good thing. I am working on some new prose and promise to post more frequently. Thanks for your appreciation of my ramblings.