Friday, January 22, 2010

Empty Page

Take my hand lift me up
lift me out of here
carry me far
to a new place
where no one knows
my face
or knows my
sorrow never
witnessed my scars
Never wounded me
Never gave me hope
when there was none
I need an empty page
to fill with something
real so take my hand


D. Winters said...

A woman as gifted as you should never feel the need to run away. A fresh start can be a good thing, but you are amazing enough to re-write your own history. Anyone - man or woman - who doesn't see that, is a fool.

Karen said...

Usually I don't like contemporary poetry...but your work is so raw and cuts me in ways traditional prose never will - profoundly.

Unknown said...

D. Winters is correct, you need not run away.... because I am certain that if you wait long enough, someone so real will take you by the hand and fill all the empty pages of the rest of your story with hope and love...just wait.

W.M. Turner said...

I appreciate the comments. Thanks for reading.