Saturday, January 30, 2010


Forged in fire
her heart is stronger
than any weapon,
spell or poison
mortal men may
summon to harm
or deceive with
deeds and
words concealed
in nectar.

Through battles
raged in fields of
flowers gold and
forests deep the
blade has drawn
its grief across
her breast
in brutal ignorance.

On ocean's edge
she stands while
tempests rage
a solitary guardian
of her dreams.

The wind catches
her whispered
prayer and
she lifts her face
to the storm and


Karen said...

I absolutely LOVE this!

j. lee said...

i am so happy im a follower. your posts (poetry i guess i would say) are very moving and inspiring

Amber said...

cool blog!:) if you get around to it check out my blog @


Witness said...

I love this one and the pic is stunning!!