Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Standing where the ocean
reaches the sand before
pulling back in a gentle breath
the sea inhales lazily, drawing
the warm water around our toes
in a silky caress.
The sun hangs low on the
edge of the earth,
painting the sky with blood and fire.
I feel you reach for my hand
as we watch the light fade and
the evening star wink in
sleepy reception.
Meanwhile, the car behind me honks.
Green Light! Go!
Snow on the windshield,
grey buildings, grey street,
grey sky. Blue me.


Suhasini said...

the simplest of thoughts..Case of art imitating life and vice versa..these very thoughts occur to me so often yet i never knew putting them in words would make them seem all the more beautiful.

Karen said...

Ha! You had ME daydreaming there for a second! So many times I've sat at a red light and drifted away.

Brina Bear said...

this is my favorite! i keep reading it over and over again. i daydream in my daydreams! =]