Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fig Eater

Tormented by words that you said,
or words I imagined
while lost in thoughts
of a cosmic connection.
You played the game well,
I must say
I was completely deluded
and somewhat persuaded
that it could
be more than simply your need for
dinner and a date
(with figs for dessert).

Did I dream that you
wanted me near you?

Did you smile when I drove
all those miles in the rain?

Perhaps it was just
a bad movie with
an ending no one
could love or digest
when all you really wanted
was to eat figs dipped
in the finest regret.


Gosha said...

It should not be published, it personally for you
I very much want that the calmness and pleasure would lodge in your soul, and heart was filled in the spring

Fashion-Holiday-Health said...

nice lyric thank you mystery:)

DWinters said...

Figs are a sensual fruit, don't you agree? I detect a bit of irony here. Perhaps the person in the poem thought of himself as a romantic, sensual person...but in reality, he was not. He was a poser. Am I close?

Walker said...

You can never regret dessert, only the plate it's served on