Friday, April 30, 2010


The granite inquisition
like a mammoth stalactite
over my head
cruel reminiscence and
in to the wounds
freshly spawned by my own
guilty dagger.
Dark interrogations reveal
an infinite chasm
subterranean limbs that reach
to drag me
in to the abyss
Fresh earth swallows
with unanswered malice
my own heart
ravaged by mystery's
toxic blade.

Listen. Listen.
Nothing but the wind.


colin said...

Popped back, love your prose. Can't believe I found this blog by clicking on 'Next Blog' at the top of the Blogger screen.
Keep on writing, you appear to have infinite vocab, fresh every time.
Suspect you have some different styles of writing in your PC, try them on us, we'll love them...or not.

Curious George said...

Ah, remorse. It certainly is a bed of quicksand easily stepped into, whether we deserve it or not.
Another lovely, excellent piece.

W.M. Turner said...

@Colin - welcome back and thanks for reading. P.S. I'm a Mac girl. ;o)

@Curious - I get a lot of emails from people who don't understand a single thought I am trying to express. You do, and that's cool.

Kevin S C said...

first time here. saw your profile. now you have 1 more supporter. you're beautiful, live life today as if there's no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I stumbled upon your blog. I went back through and read some of your older posts as well as this one and wow. You can portray emotion really well.

jadedchalice said...

you have truly amazing talent. I love the imagery and the way your poetry makes me feel.

Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

Gosha said...

I love it and I love you. You have big ั‚alent of the poetess.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Hey, perfect stranger, but I stumbled across your blog and I think stunning & brilliant. I'd like to follow you a little more if that's ok..

Have a great day:)

anonymousPOET said...

hi im a new poet n im new to this so i was wondering if you could take a look at my poetry and plz leave me acomment :-)) this is a good poem btw. beautiful

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

It seems you're a poem...
To be recited..
Take care..