Monday, September 27, 2010


i drove home in the night
that awful moon reflecting
drops on my cheeks
black rivers of truth
washing away my paper charade
a heart exposed, reborn, denied
still beating

(thump, thump, thump)

my bed welcomes me
"i knew you'd be back"
deep in blankets
deep in darkness
deep in silence
"come and hide"
i would die for you, i think
i would die
and yet i live, still
breathing on the same planet
we share, apart
we tear apart
we part
sleep comes softly
(sighs like the ocean against the shore)
your taste fades on my tongue
but my heart
is not free of your hands





jadedchalice said...

you have an amazing way with words. You are the only poet i follow. I am a poet myself and always look for feedback but in this case, i wanted to give feedback to you because every time i read your poems, i feel you and that to me is what makes a poet is how your energy and essence pours through to the reader. You convey your emotions so well with your words and i enjoy reading your poetry even though it is sometimes painful to read.

W.M. Turner said...

Thanks Jaded, I really appreciate your comments. As a poet, I know you understand the desire to express emotion, like a hunger, insatiable. I know that much of what I write can be felt as darkness or pain, depending on where you are in your own journey, but it is never my intent to hurt....only to shine a light on the things that I don't understand. But most of the time I write because I must. It really is that simple.

Sending you peace, wishing you grace.

D. Winters said...

Beautifully done.