Saturday, October 30, 2010


torment me
i can never leave you
you are part of me 
flesh of my flesh
wound around my heart
relentless vine
i carry part of you
here you live
and breathe my 
thoughts expand
contract and fly
on wings
blue butterflies
take flight
i belong to a vision
walking through 
a dismal membrane
illuminated by 
the memory of your
mouth on mine
blur the lines of 
now with yesterday
and tomorrow
(immortal visions)
hold the cup i drink 
from gladly poison
me with more
i need the rush
of you my one
and only drug
give me the cup
and make my
and endless
fill me with the
agony of
all that longs
to be
true and real
fill the hollow
spaces with words
the only rhyme
that can save me


babygirl cricket said...

Reading that touched me so deeply. Thank you for sharing.... speechless, but had to comment.

Warmest Wishes,
baby girl cricket

Blasé said...

So many words, so little time.