Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Windowless Room

You built a windowless room
and put me there
A cold and dark place
but you did not lock
the door
I did

I locked myself in that place
and let the years of darkness
wrap me in the comfort
of consistent misery

I did not long to escape
but found solace in the
emptiness of my soul
laid open by the pain
of loss and the torture
of what might have been

And then one day a single leaf
floated under the door
landing silently at my feet
I lifted it, inhaling spring
and remembered life
before the room

With the leaf in my pocket
I crossed the threshold
stepping out of the safety
of my companions of shadow
and felt the sun on my face

I turned to look,
but the room was gone
and I forgave you for
putting me there
and I forgave myself
for staying


amuse me said...

Wow -- very strong and descriptive. Beautiful and lyrical.

Unknown said...

I so know what you are saying here. Great imagery and inspiration....

Anonymous said...

Having suffered from major depression for several years after my father's death, I can relate completely to the "windowless room" phenomenon. You did such an amazing job of describing that passage in my life. Thank you for sharing it.