Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things That Make Me Go..???

  1. Why can women remember an exact sentence word-for-word, in an argument with their husbands from ten years ago, along with what he was wearing at the time and his facial expressions and men can't recall a single detail? Yet... Men can remember a specific play in the third quarter of a football game from ten years ago, as well as the player's names, numbers, stats and the final score of the game, along with how many stadium hot dogs they ate?

  2. Why is it so difficult to get grass to grow in the yard, but not in the cracks in the sidewalk?

  3. Why is the line I'm standing in always the slowest moving, until I switch lines?

  4. Why are CDs so difficult to open? Is all that tape really necessary? While we're talking about stuff that's hard to open, who came up with that thick plastic that batteries and things are packed in? It takes a chain saw to open it. I hate that stuff and it can't be good for the environment.

  5. Why do items that are sugar and fat free, cost more when they have fewer ingredients?

  6. Why is the time on my cell phone and my computer different? Aren't they both connected to the same atomic clock in the sky? Maybe the atomic clock needs some of those chain-saw proof batteries.

  7. Why do teenagers use text messaging instead of phoning? Isn't that technology going backwards?

  8. Why do people still smoke cigarettes?

  9. Why does one sock always vanish from the dryer? Where does it go?

  10. What happened to all those "W The President" stickers you used to see everywhere?

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