Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Rain

You pull me in to
your tender place,
shelter and warmth
(your heart is a blanket)
embracing me with
arms and words
that soothe my soul
my friend
my lover
my dreamer
my muse
soft in the light
you reveal me with
your truth
your hope
your trust
your grace
and selfless love.
Lost in the safety
of our bond,
passion fueled
you heal me
and I, you.
Like summer rain,
summer rain,


Unknown said...

signed in..
Don't want to log out
Take care..

Jacky Cheng said...

i can't stop reading your poems, and sometimes i reread them.

your poetry is truly beautiful :)

W.M. Turner said...

Thanks for reading, Sajith and Jacky!

Unknown said...

Southern breezes are really touching me..
A fact...
I've been trying to view your lines
from your perspective..

What I like most is "The Eclipse"

"You ate the moon..
Hope you're happy..."

Take care..

Nick said...

This poem seems to contain everything we need as humans - nurturing sensually, sexually, emotionally and spiritually. A hint of the Divine here - reminiscent of Song of Songs.

ub said...

Your poetry is very sweet honey. Share that gift with me..