Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Green Mansions

I first read W.H.Hudson’s book Green Mansions (originally published in 1959) when I was in college. I recently reread it and remembered why it is one of my favorite books. The language is exquisite - not a quick read, for it is full of descriptions and details. It’s the only book I have ever read that literally makes me sob – that’s how good it is! Book Description:
“Modern classic tells the compelling story of Rima, a strange birdlike girl of the jungle, and Abel, the European who falls in love with her. The book owes much of its popularity to the mystic, near-religious feeling that pervades the story and the beauty of Rima’s halting, poetic expressions. The author’s knowledge and understanding of nature, the jungle and grasslands lend special authenticity to this captivating fantasy.”

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. Be patient with the writing, it’s worth the concentration. This book would be appealing to anyone with an interest in nature, for it is not only a wonderful love story, but also a vivid description of the Venezuelan rain forest and its indigenous people.

If you don’t want to buy it, read it online at:

Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Southern breeze, I read The Bears of Blue River 13 times. As I got older---yes that happened---I couldn't find it until finally, a special publisher printed it as an Indiana classic and I not only purchased it for me but also for the school. One joy was reading through the whole book orally to my own kids.

W.M. Turner said...

hi anonymous, I don't believe I've read that book. It must be a really good book if you've read it 13 times. Or maybe you just like Bears and Blue Rivers.

Anonymous said...

I like bears and brown rivers, but blue had to do, at least temporarily. Since then I've learned to like blue and brown rivers and blue and brown eyes. I'll let you know if I like Green Mansions and I'll nearly be halfway to the crayola box of eight.

W.M. Turner said...

Very clever anonymous. I "red" your post twice before I understood. Must be the caffeine in this Diet Mellow "Yellow" I'm drinking. "Orange" you glad you found my blog?

Anonymous said...

Glad doesn't make it. Ecstatic.