Monday, February 20, 2006

Meet My Dog Taz

He’s a bad, bad dog. Oh, don’t be fooled by that cute little teddy bear face and those innocent black eyes. He’s a devil.

You see, Taz is a “special” dog. He is very sensitive. He gets really upset when his mommy has to go to work. So, he eats the house – the baseboards, the sheetrock, and the door frames. Taz’s vet prescribed a form of doggy antidepressant for him. It didn’t really help. We had him neutered, but that didn’t help either.

Taz likes to run around in tight circles until he cracks his head on the coffee table. He likes to jump off the end of the deck and bark at birds and squirrels. He’s deathly afraid of cats. Taz loves to climb on furniture like a goat. He eats things that were not meant to be eaten such as sticks, plastic, and wood. Taz does NOT like for anyone to touch his tail, and if you put a leash on him, he freezes as though he is paralyzed and will not move a muscle, until you remove the leash.

Still, you gotta love him. Who could resist a face like that?


Anonymous said...

I relate to tight circles.

monhegan90 said...

Maybe Taz needs a playmate. We have two boxers that are supposedly high-energy dogs but they keep each other company the long hours we're away from home.

Like your posts. Friend of Deb's.

Itsa Mystery said...

Well, the sad news is he HAS a playmate - but he bullies her. He likes to drag her by her tail across the hardwood floors. If he was human, he'd be locked up in San Quentin.

Anonymous said...

Where is San Quentin?