Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Relaxation 101

Bubble baths aren't just for kids. A nice, hot bath is a great way to relax and unwind. For that reason, I personally take several a week.

Here's how:

1. Turn off cell phone.
2. Lock the door to prevent intruders like kids or dogs.
3. Stop the drain in the tub (duh).
4. Light aromatherapy candles. Choose lavender to relieve stress and sandalwood to relax.
5. Turn on the water and adjust the temperature to your liking (I like it HOT).
6. Pour bubble bath into the running water.
7. Allow the bathtub to fill with water and suds.
8. Turn off the water when the tub has filled. Replenish hot water as needed (which you will have to do if you stay in there until your skin pickles, like I do).
9. Slowly enter the bath water, feet first (you don't want to bump your head).
10. Breathe deeply and relax.

Try putting on a little background music to help you relax. I usually listen to classical music or smooth jazz.

You can also add essential oils directly to the bath to keep your skin soft.

It helps to have a little "tub pillow" that rests on the back of the tub so you can literally take a nap if you want.

Don't forget your friends Ben and Jerry. (A bottle of Cabernet isn't too bad either!)

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Anonymous said...

Tell me where Ben and Jerry are and how it is that they get to participate.