Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Woman Dreaming

Work. That is pretty much all I do. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes wonder what it would be like if I had the choice to live differently - if I could “thrive” and not just survive.

In my dream of thriving, I have lots of time to spend with family and friends. I have time for long-lost hobbies, and time to start new ones, like hula-dancing.

In this alternate reality, I am in excellent physical condition. I stay in shape because I have several hours every day to work out, and I'm not stuck eating airport food. I take yoga classes and drink green tea. I go to concerts. I read, read, read. I am a wine connoisseur. I volunteer. I travel for pleasure, not business. I write. I slowly enjoy a large cup of coffee each morning as I watch the sun rise. I paint. I live somewhere because I want to – not because my job is there. I don’t feel guilty about taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon.....

(please don’t wake me, I am enjoying this…..)

....Oh well, better get back to work. In my reality, there is college tuition to pay, the mortgage, and all the other blah blah blah yukky yukks of life.

Still, a girl can dream, can’t she?


Anonymous said...

I love you, my friend! You might just have a best seller waiting to be typed in flight! I'd love to read it!

Yesterday, as I am currently in the beginnings of a what-the-heck-are-we friendship with a lovely man and knowing said man is a little unsure...I didn't expect any grand gesture. (BTW, it turned out to be subtle, but sweet)

So, to treat myself as the Goddess I am, I booked a massage with this incredible male massage therapist...think Esalen style... It was dreamy. What a great day!

To our hopes and dreams, Sister! Racy T

Deb said...

Yep, for people like you and me it's all about the yukkity yukks...but dream on sis!

Valentino said...

Yes, dear girl, dreaming is vital to one's healthy state of mind....and just remember, some dreams come true!